How to Check and Pay Your Electricity Bill Online In Pakistan

Although online bill payment service is not new many people are unaware of it or do not know how to use it. Here is a complete guide on how to check and pay your Electricity Bill online in Pakistan.

First, have a look at how to check electricity bills online in Pakistan.

1- How to Check Electricity Bills Online in Pakistan

This is a scientific and technological era. Our lives are becoming easier and more manageable as technology advances. As we all know, it was very difficult to pay bills in the bank. You have to stand for hours in a queue for your turn. On the other hand, it is so easy and simple to pay bills using a smartphone or laptop.

There are two ways to check electricity bills online.

  1. Through mobile application.
  2. Check electricity bill online through website

How to Check Bills through Mobile Application

A mobile application is one of the best and simplest ways to check your electricity bill. You only need to enter your reference number to get your online electricity bill. This is a list of distributors is available on the app:

  • K Electric (Karachi Electric Supply Company)
  • IESCO (Islamabad Electric Supply Company)
  • LESCO (Lahore Electric Supply Company)
  • PESCO (Peshawar Electric Supply Company)
  • QESCO (Quetta Electric Supply Company)
  • FESCO (Faisalabad Electric Supply Company)
  • MEPCO (Multan Electric Supply Company)
  • GEPCO (Gujranwala Electric Supply Company)
  • HESCO (Hyderabad Electric Supply Company)

In the same manner, download the app and select distributer according to your area. Just enter a reference number to check the electricity bill.

Check Electricity Bill Online Through Website

Electricity bills can be checked through the official website. Different websites are designed for all different Fedders of electricity. You need to use the website according to your location.

Follow these steps to know how to check electricity bills through the website;

  1. Log in to the official website.
  2. You must know your reference number to get the information about the bill. Check this reference number from the electricity bill. The reference number must be at the bottom of the bill with 14 digits.
  3. Simply enter your reference number on the web page and click submit.
  4. After a moment, the system will show your electricity bill on the screen.

2- How to Pay Electricity Bill Online in Pakistan?

There are 3 main ways for online bill payments. you can choose which is easy for you.

  • Internet and Mobile Banking 
  • Easy Paisa 
  • JazzCash

Let’s explain how to use these ways.

Internet and Mobile Banking

Almost all major commercial banks, including Standard Chartered Bank, HBL, and UBL, allow customers to pay their electricity bills online via their Internet and Mobile banking services. All you have to do is go to the company’s website to find out which banks and services you can use to pay your bills from the comfort of your own home.

furthermore, you can also download the mobile application of the bank where you have an account. Through application track your electricity bill using a reference number and ID.

How to pay bills using EASY PAISA 

Easy Paisa is one of Pakistan’s most popular online payment services. It enables customers to pay a variety of bills at the touch of a button.

To pay your electricity bills online with Easy Paisa, you must first download the app and create an account. After you’ve signed up, you’ll need to log in with a 5-digit pin tap ‘Bill Payment,’ and then choose ‘Electricity’ from the Bill Type menu. To generate your bill details, select your electric distribution company from the list and enter your consumer number.

Before proceeding to pay, double-check the name due date, and amount displayed on your mobile phone. To finish the transaction, tap ‘Pay Now.’

If, you still have any queries, watch the video above for more information.

How to pay bills using JazzCash

JazzCash is another online payment and e-wallet service that provides its customers with a simple way to pay their bills.

Electricity bills can be paid online using JazzCash in two ways: through the app or through the JazzCash code.

If you are not a Mobilink customer, you should download the JazzCash app. The process of paying your bill via this app is very similar to Easy Paisa. All you have to do is sign up, create an MPIN, choose the type of bill and utility company, enter your consumer or reference number, confirm all of your information, and tap on the screen to complete the transaction.

On the other hand, Mobilink customers can dial *786# from their registered numbers and select ‘Pay Bills.’ Then, choose the type of bill and the electric distribution company. To generate payment details, enter the consumer or reference number from your bill. To confirm the transaction and pay your bill online, enter your MPIN.

It is worthy to note that, the JazzCash Mobile Account allows you to make the first three online payments of the month for free. You will have to pay PKR 20 per bill for the rest. Furthermore, if your electricity bill exceeds 50,000, you will be unable to pay it through your mobile account.

3- How to Check IESCO Bill Online?


Residents of Islamabad can go to the official IESCO website and simply click over the ‘Customer Services’ tab on the top navigation panel. Consequently, when the drop-down menu appears, select ‘Bill View/Print Duplicate Bill’ to go to the web billing page.

In the empty field, enter your 14-digit reference number without any spaces. Then, to view and print your electricity bill click the ‘Submit button. This reference number can be found on any previous paper bills you’ve received.

4- How to Check LESCO Bill Online?

Lahore residents can view their electricity bills online by going to the official LESCO website and clicking on the ‘Customer Bill’ button in the navigation panel. Afterward, you will then be redirected to a page where you can view and download the bill by entering your reference number or customer ID.

5How to Check Your K-Electricity Bill Online?

k electric bill online payment

If you live in Karachi, go to the official K-Electric website and select the ‘Customer Services’ tab from the left-hand navigation panel. Then, from the drop-down menu choose ‘Duplicate Bill.’

Here is what you’ll need to check your K-Electric bill online:

  • Account number
  • Consumer number
  • Valid email address
  • Mobile number

After you’ve entered all of the necessary information, click ‘View Bill’ to generate an online copy. A pdf copy of your bill is also available for download and printing. Furthermore, you can choose paperless billing through customer services.

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