10 Simple Tips To Save Yourself From Air Pollution in Pakistan 2021

Many areas in Pakistan, especially Punjab, are enveloped in air pollution this winter that refuses to settle down. This ugly smog has catapulted Lahore, Faisalabad, and several other cities to the top of the most polluted cities in the world. As a result, the very act of breathing is becoming hazardous to the health of these places. This blog is all about easy and simple tips to keep safe from air pollution in Pakistan.

The toxic air is making everyone prone to coughing fits and viral infections of the lungs. This pollution is even worse for people with pre-existing asthma and cardiovascular diseases.

In such dangerous conditions, consult your doctor or a healthcare expert at emeds for medicines, in addition to applying appropriate preventative measures. Such vigilance will help keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the long-term effects of air pollution in Pakistan 2021.

1- Do not take morning walks this winter to keep save from air pollution

10 Simple Tips To Save Yourself From Air Pollution in Pakistan 2021

Exercising is an essential part of maintaining your health, but not when the environment itself is against you. The toxic air is especially thick in the mornings, which defeats the whole purpose of your morning walk or run. In fact, it would be best to refrain from going out early in the morning regardless of the reason.

If you must, get yourself a jogging machine and walk or run in your home with an air purifier nearby. You should delay any and all early morning outdoor activities until the smog settles. Please shift these activities to the evenings instead.

2- Use face masks when going outdoors to save yourself from air pollution

Use face masks when going outdoors

The COVID-19 SOP’s already require you to wear face masks in public areas, so this requirement should not create excessive inconvenience. However, this winter, pandemic germs are not your only enemies.

To keep yourself safe from developing a coughing fit or a lung infection, wear N95/99 masks whenever you step out. Wearing masks is a very effective method to prevent air particulate matter from invading your body and wreaking havoc.

3- Place air-purifying plants in your living space

10 Simple Tips To Save Yourself From Air Pollution in Pakistan 2021

There are many air purifying plants that can clear your indoors of airborne toxins, germs, and dust. Nowadays, indoor house planting is becoming a part of interior design. You should accept this trend and apply it within your home for aesthetic beauty as well as health. Aloe Vera, English Ivy, Chrysanthemum, and Spider Plant are some of the best plants that can help clean your indoors of toxic air while also providing an unmatched beauty.

4- Ventilate your kitchen & bathrooms

Having an appropriate ventilation system in your kitchen and bathrooms is a must for modern homes. It ensures that the air is appropriately circulated and heavier fumes are thrown outside your home before they can affect your health.

Unfortunately, in some cases, indoor air pollution can become even worse than the smog-ridden outdoors. That’s why it is essential to keep yourself safe from air hazards both inside and outside your home.

5- Restrict outdoor activities for children to save from air pollution

Children younger than eight years are especially vulnerable to air pollution. Upon exposure, they may end up developing life-long breathing disorders, like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Keep them safe by restricting their outdoor activities. Children are rowdy by nature and do not like getting cooped up at home.

In such cases, suggest indoor activities that can keep them engaged while also expending their energies, like hiding and seeking, target practice or running an indoor obstacle course, etc. If possible, also request your children’s school authorities to restrict their outdoor activities.

6- Use air-purifiers to clean your indoors atmosphere

Air purifiers are becoming a necessity nowadays, especially in Pakistan. The concentration of air particulate matter or smog is so intense that using an air purifier in your home is no longer optional. If nothing else, at least use suitable air purifiers in your childrens’ and elders’ rooms because they are most prone to illnesses caused by toxic air. 

7- Take a few minutes of steam every day

 Take a few minutes of steam every day

Taking steam for a few minutes every day is one of the best and healthiest methods to ward off a number of breathing ailments. Steam clears away your sinuses of impurities and particulates. The most optimal way is to take steam for five minutes twice a day after adding 5-10 drops of eucalyptus oil or a single drop of peppermint oil for better effect.

Additionally, you must also avoid smoking cigarettes, hookah, shisha, cigars or anything else. Avoid spraying air fresheners indoors because they can further aggravate pollution effects. If possible, also avoid second-hand or passive smoking.

8- Ventilate your home

Keep your windows and doors open for air circulation between 3 pm and 5 pm. On a typical bright, sunny day, this time slot is ideal for ventilation because particulate matter concentration is the least in the air. Ventilation will allow you to get rid of stale or toxic air in your home. 

9-Eat Jaggery to detoxify your lungs

Jaggery or Gurr can help flush out impurities from your lungs. It carries antioxidants and minerals that prevent liver poisoning. It also helps build resistance against infections. No need to overthink –just replace sugar with Jaggery in your daily consumption, and you will soon see the results.

10 Take a diet rich in Vitamin C & Omega Fatty Acids

A healthy diet can help build immunity against problems caused by air pollution in your body. Eating fruits rich in vitamin C, like oranges, can help repair damaged cells and strengthen the immune system. Additionally, Omega fatty acids are essential to maintain a healthy body as well as the mind. 

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