Electric Bike in Pakistan

A few months ago, Prime Minister Imran Khan unveiled Pakistan’s first electric bike Jolta’s JE-70 model. The locally developed e-bike costs Rs82,500 and has a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour.

In an interview with a local newspaper CEO of Jolta eclectic, Mohammad Usman Sheikh said: With our in-house developed technology, we introduced the JE-70 e-bike. There will be no foreign funding or joint ventures with the Chinese or any other country in the world.

Another Pakistan’s first electric vehicle research, design, and engineering company, INER-Z Automotive Pvt. Ltd announced the grand launch of its first line-up of ‘Made in Pakistan’ electric vehicles.

INER-Z Automotive Pvt. Ltd

The company introduces the electric bike, electric car, and rikshaws at the Pakistan auto show 2020. Watch this video made by PakWheels to introduce the INER-Z electric bike in PAS 2020.

Electric Bike Price in Pakistan

Because it is manufactured in Pakistan, the JE-70L is reasonably priced at 82,500 rupees. Furthermore, maintenance costs only 1000 rupees per month, as opposed to gas bikes, which require 5000 rupees in petrol and other maintenance costs.

The battery used in the bikes is also relatively inexpensive, costing only 20000 rupees and lasting at least 2.5 years. As a result, you won’t have to worry about spending thousands on a new battery every year.

Furthermore, the Pakistan-based local website OLX is also offering electric bikes in a good price range. The best part is there you can get kids electric bike, heavy bike, Jolta electric cycle with the price range o 17000 to 80000 rupees.

Here are all the features of a bike that you should be aware of before buying one:

  • The electric bike looks like 70cc with 82500Rs rupees price.
  • E-scooty is also available with a price range of 105,000Rs.
  • According to road conditions, bike speed may vary between 80km and 100km.
  • The bike has 12 volt five dry batteries with a 3-month warranty along with 2-year average life.

Azim stated that the government’s negligible duties on electric-specific parts (1%) and taxes (1%) allowed them to launch the electric bike at a price that is affordable to the general public.

Electric Bike Charging Time

According to the company, 1.5 units need to be charged overnight at home. The company also claimed that charging would only cost Rs1,000 per month, making it very cost-effective for the owner.

Electric Bike Review in Pakistan

The electric bike got a huge welcome from the public, with several bookings already confirmed. Teachers, students, and courier services, as well as people living in remote areas, are particularly showing interest because they only need to travel short distances.

A thousand bikes are already produced each month, with the goal of producing at least 6000 bikes per month by December. This is in accordance with Pakistan’s five-year EV Policy, which states that by 2030, 30 percent of all vehicles should be electric.

Electric Sports Bike in Pakistan

Electric Sports Bike in Pakistan

Mega E-bike is an electric sports bike that is Pakistan’s first electric bike. This eco-friendly bike costs approximately PKR 1.50 lacs, but there is an option to go for installments as well.

The following features and specifications of electric sports bike.

  • Unlike a standard motorcycle, this one has a built-in 32-ampere electric-powered battery. The bike’s rear wheel is powered by a 2000 watt motor that pushes the bike forward. This engine has a top speed of about 35 miles per hour.
  • The Mega E-bike does not consume fule it fully electric bike and travels up to 100 kilometers.
  • The Mega E-bike got four riding modes that can be adjusted to meet your needs.
  • The normal mode is made for everyday riding, whereas the sports mode is intended for those who prefer a slightly faster ride. Then there’s the reverse mode, which is a standard mode for putting the bike in reverse to make parking is quick and easy.
  • Finally, the power mode allows the motorcycle to consume more battery power while producing more power. This mode is useful when climbing a hill that requires more speed or when driving up an inclined road.

Watch this video for more detailed information about sports bikes in Pakistan.

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