List of PSO, Shell, TOTAL Petrol Pump That Is Open Across Pakistan

The Petroleum Dealers Association has decided to go on strike beginning today (Thursday morning). In protest of the government’s failure to increase its margin on motor gasoline and diesel by 25.20 percent. The current dealer margin on petrol is Rs3.91 per liter, and the association wants it to be Rs4.90.

Similarly, the dealers’ margin on diesel is Rs3.30 per liter, with the dealers’ association requesting an increase to Rs4.13. The Petroleum Division has also sent the same information to the ECC in the form of a summary.

The Petroleum Division also recommended that oil marketing companies (OMCs) increase their margins on petrol and diesel by 23.32 percent, to Rs3.68 per liter from the current Rs2.97.

Despite the chaos, a few petroleum companies have decided to keep their fuel stations open. PSO initially shared the good news that its Company Owned and Company Operated (COCO) petrol pumps would remain open. Shell later joined the club, and Total Parco, HASCOL, and GO are now following suit.

Yesterday we share the list of PSO petrol pumps that are operational across the country. Here is a list of Shell’s Company Owned and Company Operated (COCO) petrol pumps that are open across Pakistan.

PSO Petrol Stations

PSO COCO Petrol Pumps

Shell Petrol Stations

Shell COCO Petrol Pumps

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