Punjab Government Introduces an E-Stamping System to Abolish Fraud

To make things easier for citizens, the Punjab government recently implemented an e-stamping system in the province. To get e stamp paper, you just need to provide the original CNIC number. This step will reduce the number of fake and fraudulent stamp papers, which have cost the government millions of rupees.

“The main purpose of this step is to stop and end fake practices, prevent government data from stealing, and most important is to save information in an electronic way. In this way, we can make a central database for the verification process” according to the Punjab board of revenue.

How does E-stamp paper work?

You can get the e stamp paper from the active branch of the scheduled bank. Stamp paper will be issued according to the worth of the land, location, commercial, residential, and DC valuation table system. To issue a stamp paper system requires names and CNIC of buyers, sellers.

After verification of CNIC via the NADRA database, the system will issue challan. The next step is to use this challan in the National bank of Punjab or any mentioned bank to pay stamp fees.

After paying the fee, the bank will issue e stamp paper on a legally designed and size paper. Now you can use this e-stamp paper in purchasing of land, developments purpose, sub-registrar, etc.

E-stamp paper is valid to use one time only. However, once the e-stamp is used system will mark it as red to prevent is using again.

How to verify e stamp paper online?

Here is a facility to verify your e-stamp paper online. For this, enter 16 digits stamp papers number on a web service and you will get all the information like deed details, property information, DC valuation, buyers and sellers details, and much more.

Similarly, a way to verify e-stamp paper is through sms service. Send 16 digits stamp paper to 8100 to get information.

What services providing E-stamp paper?

According to its official website e-stamp paper is providing these services:

  • Issue of new challan form no32-a
  • You can pay deficient capital value tax and comparison fee
  • You can calculate property value according to DC rates
  • Reissue of existing challan 32-a
  • Pay deficient stamp duty
  • oOnline verification of e-stamp paper

Now you know how to and from where to get e-stamp papers. this service is only provided in Punjab province. Stay connected for more information about other developments happing in Pakistan.

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