NCOC Approves Free COVID-19 Booster Jabs for Three Categories

The National Command and Operation Centre has decided to begin administering booster shots to health workers, weak immune system individuals, and the elderly over the age of 50.

The shots are free of cost and easily available at vaccination clinics across the country. Citizens who received both covid-19 jabs within the last six months are eligible for the booster shot.

The government has launched the special vaccination drive in the country from today, 1 December.

The government decided on Wednesday at an NCOC meeting to establish 40 vaccination call centers across the country to contact those who have not yet received their second doses. Pakistan has decided to implement a “zero-tolerance policy” against unvaccinated people, according to Federal Planning Minister Asad Umar.

In December, a nationwide vaccination campaign will begin. All public areas will have medical professionals on hand. The main reason to establish these medical camps is to give vaccines to those who are still unimmunized.

This new strategy is developed to fight against a new variant omicron of covid-19. As we know that South Africa is the first country who report an omicron case. With the passage of time, this variant is spreading to other countries like the UK, the USA, and Hong Kong.

New Omicron Variant and Pakistan

According to the special assistant to the prime minister on health dr Faisal sultan, Pakistan still did not report any case of a new omicron variant.

He further added we can not stop the Omicron variant from entering Pakistan, the only thing we can do is to race the vaccine process.

Do you know What is Omicron?

This covid-19 variant is rapidly spreading from one person to other and the exiting vaccine is not supporting this.

The only way to stop it from spreading is to immune more people as much as can. Follow the SOPswear mask and keep maintaining social distancing.

Most important, a travel ban must impose from that region where cases are reported on a daily basis.

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