India Confirms Two Cases of Omicron Variant

The first two cases of the new type of coronavirus ‘Omicron‘, which is spreading rapidly in India, have been confirmed.

According to the French news agency AFP, a devastating wave of coronavirus in India has killed more than 200,000 people across the country.

A new variant report in two men, aged 66 and 46, from the southern state of Karnataka, a senior health ministry official said on Thursday.

“All primary contacts and secondary contacts of both the cases have been traced and are being tested,” the health ministry’s joint secretary Lav Agarwal told a news briefing.

India was about to restart the commercial international flights from 15 December. But yesterday, the ministry has change the plan again due to the omicron variant.

india’s largest city Mumbai made compulsory a seven-day quarantine for foreigners coming from high-risk countries.

‘Omicron’ is a new challenge to global efforts to fight the epidemic, leading to new travel bans around the world.

It is a brand new form of coronavirus that has been around since the onset of the epidemic. New strains of the coronavirus include the Delta variant, the first case of which appeared in India in October 2020.

The devastating Coronavirus outbreak killed more than 200,000 people between April and June and filled hospitals and cemeteries.

India has the second-highest number of coronavirus cases after the United States. The number of confirmed cases so far is over 34 million.

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