Saudi Arabia Ends Quarantine for Vaccinated Umrah Pilgrims

Great news for Umrah pilgrims, as Saudi Arabia ends the quarantine condition for those who wish to perform umrah. But for this, you must be vaccinated for two doses of the covid-19 vaccine.

Umrah pilgrims who arrive in the Kingdom for Umrah and are vaccinated with one of the COVID-19 vaccines approved by Saudi Arabia are allowed to begin performing Umrah immediately upon arrival, according to the ministry.

In another update, the visa period for Umrah pilgrims is extended to 30 days, according to the ministry. Foreign Umrah pilgrims over the age of 18 are allowed Umrah visas as per the Saudi Ministry of Health’s terms and conditions.

However, the Saudi ministry also ends the maximum age limit of 50 years for foreign umrah pilgrims.

According to the new terms, local pilgrim’s age must be above 12 to perform umrah.

Those immunized with World Health Organization (WHO)-approved vaccines, on the other hand, would be subject to a three-day quarantine. They would be permitted to perform Umrah if a negative PCR test is carried after 48 hours of institutional quarantine.

As the Kingdom ends social distancing, pilgrims are still required to wear face masks and make reservations to perform Umrah and prayers in order to verify their immunity status at the holy mosques’ entrances, according to the ministry.

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