Haval H6 Hybrid EV Arrives in Pakistan

Chinese SUV brand, Haval, launches in Pakistan at the start of 2021 with two cars, Haval H6 and Haval Jolion. Both cars get a massive good response from the public due to their unique shape. Now after that success, the Haval HEV H6 unit is currently on display at Haval Showroom (Automotive Technologies) in Karachi.

Now, it appears that Haval and BAIC’s Pakistani partner, Sazgar Engineering Works Limited (SEWL), is planning to expand its product lineup, as it has recently brought in a Haval H6 Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) for display and testing.

About the Haval H6 Hybrid

The H6 Hybrid is a compact crossover SUV that competes with the MG HS, Toyota Corolla Cross, Kia Sportage, and other similar SUVs.

It is powered by a similar turbocharged 1.5-liter, 4-cylinder petrol engine, which is paired with a 2-speed hybrid electric motor and a 1.8 kWh battery pack.

Measurement of Haval H6 Hybrid

H6 hybrid comes with the same size as the previous H6 petrol variant. The car has 4653mm in length, with 1886, and height is 1724mm. The ground clearance is 210 mm with 60 liters of fuel tank space.


H6 HEV comes with 1500cc engine power that produces 147 horsepower and 230 nm torque. The vehicle provides a combined power option with bhp245 with DHT (transmission) and the combined torque of Nm530.
The best thing about the car is it does not need any plug-in system or charger.

Exterior of Haval H6 Hybrid

Haval H6 hybrid version looks the same as the H6 petrol version. The only big change is the front fascia, with a big grill, lower splitter along with new fog light design. You can say it is a facelift of 3rd generation of H6.

Vehicles come with 19-inch alloy wheels, with LED headlights, fog lights, and daytime light.

Haval H6 Hybrid EV exterior


H6 HEV is fully packed with the latest features. These features include head of display, ambient lighting, touchscreen, wireless charging or mobile, eight speakers, push start, N95 filters, and anion air purifier.

Haval H6 Hybrid EV interior


The safety features are not ignored in car making. H6 HEV comes with 6 airbags, automatic car parking feature, traction control, and finally hill decent, and hold control.

Price of H6 HEV in Pakistan

The price of the H6 petrol variant was around 6.2 million once it launched. But over time now the latest price is 6.85 million. So, as per recent car prices, the expected price of H6 HEV must be around 8 million in Pakistan.

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