How Can Overseas Pakistanis Verify Property in Islamabad?

Overseas Pakistanis wishing to purchase a plot in Islamabad will be provided with an online property verification facility in the next few days. By using this online system people can verify the property before buying.

With the establishment of the first Property Verification Center in Pakistan, this facility is already available for the people residing in Islamabad from November 24.

Talking to Urdu News in this regard, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafqat said that through the establishment of the center, citizens can now know about the legal status of any property within 24 hours.

He said that in the first few days, more than 120 people visited the verification center and got information about the legal status of the plot before buying it.

According to Hamza Shafqat, 80% of them found out that the plot or property they were about to buy was in an-illegal society or existed only on paper.

The procedure of verifying the property?

Any person who wants to take a plot in any housing society can come to the property verification center set up by the district administration. If he/she fills in the form and submits the form regarding his desired plot in the center. After submitting the form, an SMS will send to his phone number from the DC office.

Within 24 hours, the applicant will receive the verification email about the property.

Through this website, buyers can verify whether the property is with Islamabad territory or not. This website contains all information about CDA approved housing societies.

Prohibition on Advertising of Illegal Societies

Illegal societies and housing societies are banned to advertise under section 144. No more unapproved projects and blacklisted companies can print newspaper advertisements.

However, the DC warned the illegal societies not to use any social media platform like WhatsApp or Facebook to advertise their project.

How overseas Pakistanis can avoid fraud?

DC Islamabad said that overseas Pakistanis invest in property in Islamabad. Go to the district administration website or application and find out in 24 hours whether they are investing in the right place or not.

He said that when Overseas Pakistanis come to the portal of the Islamabad administration. Only two things are necessary: an identity card and an e-mail address.

They will register with their ID card, provide their e-mail address and then enter the details of the property they want to purchase. They will receive a response from the management within 24 hours detailing the legal status of the property in question.

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