M-Tag Mandatory to Use Motorway from 7 December

Lahore high court issues notice to ban vehicles without M-tag on Lahore to Islamabad motorway from tomorrow.

In a hearing in smog-related petitions, Justice Shahid Karim directed a deputy attorney general to contact the NHA and motorway police to take urgent basis steps and impose the ban on vehicles.

The judge stated that the authorities must take emergency measures before the deadline. After which the condition will be enforced on the M2 as well as other motorways meet on the Ravi toll plaza.

An awareness campaign has also been launched in this regard on the orders of Inspector General Inam Ghani, with the Motorway Police.

The main reason to raise awareness among commuters is through briefings at Toll plazas, NHMP social media, and NHMP FM-95 radio.

How to get M-Tag for M2 Motorway

As we all know M-tag is mandatory to use M2 motorway from 7 December 2021. The M2 motorway is way from Lahore to Islamabad and connects many others cities on the way. Here I’m going to explain the steps on how to get an M-tag for an M2 motorway.

For this, you need to visit the M2 motorway toll plaza. There you will see an M-tag issuance office, go there and ask for an m-tag. To get the tag you need some documents, like;

What is the cost of M-Tag registration?

Tag registration is free of cost. So, you do not need to pay to get an m-tag. Furthermore, no minimum balance is required for M-tag.

How to install M-Tag on vehicle?

M-tag is a sticker that needs to stick on the car’s windscreen on the top right side. Here is one important thing to mention that it must be stuck inside the car not outside.

How to check M-Tag ID?

If you want to check the M-tag ID, simply send SMS by writing MTAG <space> CNIC Number” and send to 9909

M-Tag recharging?

There are many options to recharge the M-tag. Scratch card recharge, jazz cash, easy paisa, Upaisa, and M2 drive-in customer care center are among them.

How to check M-Tag balance?

If you want to check the remaining balance in your M-tag. Simply send SMS to balance (space) Mtag ID and send to 9909.

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