Maryam Nawaz Sings at Junaid Safdar’s Wedding Function

The clip of Maryam Nawaz goes viral from his son’s Junaid Safdar wedding function. She is singing the Bollywood song “Chura Liya Hai Tum Ne Jo Dil Ko” in her magical voice.

Here we can see a live music band is performing in full swing. During the song, the singer walks towards Maryam Nawaz to spread the color with her voice.

This video clip shows that Maryam is also blessed with a beautiful voice. In this video, she is singing an old Indian movie song “Jab koi bat beggar Jaye“. Watch the clip,

One day before, a viral clip of Hamza Shahbaz was singing another Indian song to express his joy at Junaid Safdar’s wedding function. Here is the clip,

That’s not the end, he also sings another song “Humen Tumse Pyar Kitna”. Sharif family singing talent shows there are much more things that run in the family except the policies.

That’s all from now, but we hope to see more in the coming days and functions. If you want any other family member to sing, then do comment in the section below.

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