Pakistan Soon to Start Asia’s First e-Passport Service

According to the interior minister, Sheikh Rashid Pakistan is Asia’s first country to launch an e-passport facility at the start of 2022. He announces this news in a ceremony held in Islamabad. The ceremony was held to launch important initiatives by the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports.

This facility includes online apply for a passport, fast track delivery service, renewal of website of Director General of Immigration and Passports, and launch of the official logo.

Sheikh Rashid also added that people now can apply and get their passports at home without visiting the passport office. Now it is possible e to get a passport within 24 hours after applying.

This initiative includes the rejection of citizenship, and it also makes it easy to get emergency travel documents. Pakistan is providing the online passport service to 191 countries at this time.

Talking about the electronic voting machine, he expresses the feeling of 10 million overseas Pakistanis who are glad about this government decision. He said all the credit goes to Imran khan’s vision to make Pakistan better and give the latest technology to citizens.

He also hinted that the Islamabad police soon launching two thousand vacancies, so get ready if you are interested to join Islamabad police.

What is an E-Passport?

An E-passport is an international travel document with personal details such as passport number, name, surname, nationality, and date of birth. This is an electronic microprocessor chip that holds data such as fingerprints, photos, and signatures. For scanning the Biometric passports there must be a special device installed at airports.

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