Coronavirus: Pakistan Reports First Case of Omicron Variant

According to the Sindh health department, Pakistan confirms the first omicron variant on Thursday. As per a hospital from Karachi, 57-year-old women report the first case of an omicron variant who was unvaccinated.

A woman has no travel history as per the health department. Right now the patient was sent home for isolation because she was not showing any serious symptoms.

According to the Sindh health minister, it must be before time to say whether it is omicron or another variant. To make sure, we need to do the genomic test. She further added, we still did not do genome study, but as per observation, it feels like an omicron variant.

The first case of the omicron case was reported in South Africa on 24 November. after that, it is fastly spreading to the UK, USA, Hong Kong, and Israel.

The health minister further said, omicron is spreading fastly, but this variant still did not cause death and bad illness. It will take 2 to 3 weeks for genome study to make sure if the lady is suffering from omicron variant yea or not.

Experts and doctors are suggesting that Pakistan must ban international flights to stop the omicron from entering the country, otherwise, it is impossible to stop it from spreading.

Govt measures to Deal with Omicron variant

Pakistan already doing some measures to deal with the omicron thread. From 1 December massive vaccination drive has started. It is also decided to provide booster shots to 50 above citizens, health workers, and people with weak immune systems.

NCOC has already imposed a travel ban on South Africa and other 15 countries and vaccination and testing made compulsory for inbound travelers. It is ordered by all provisions and authorities to show a zero-tolerance policy against unvaccinated people.

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