Pakistan’s Largest Ferris Wheel to be Installed in Islamabad

The Capital Development Authority announces to launch of another entertainment spot for the citizens of Islamabad, the spokesman for CDA.

The installation of Pakistan’s largest Ferris wheel, with a height of approximately 180 feet, is planned for Lake View Park. The park’s Phase-II, where the constriction was stopped for a decade, now the work is started over there.

The CDA chairman has directed the Environment Wing to bring PC-I of the project for approval as soon as possible. Furthermore, Pakistan Movement Park is being built along Islamabad Highway in sector H-8, around the flag.

The ‘Islamabad Eye,’ according to a senior officer of the development authority, will be 180 feet high and allow visitors to see the entire city.

“It will be similar to the London Eye,” said the official. The London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel, is located on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. It is Europe’s tallest observation wheel and one of England’s most popular tourist attractions.

Along with landscape features, the park will have massive walls with 2-D pictures various pictorials of history’s largest migration. Work is progressing quickly, and the park will open on March 23, 2022. Similarly, in the National Park area, a new park has been planned near Bhara Kahu.

Aside from other features, the park will have a separate section for ladies and children. Other notable features include a walking track, children’s play equipment, exercise units, a water sports area, a mini-golf course, and a forest area.

The park will be built on land reclaimed from encroachers. The CDA chairman has been directed to prepare PC-Is for all of these projects as soon as possible and to include them in the upcoming CDADWP for consideration.

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