Watch: How Hasan Ali Express Anger During PSL Press Conference

Pakistani fast bowler Hasan Ali lost his cool after the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 7 player press conference was held in Lahore on Sunday.

The fast bowler was answering reporters’ questions. However, one reporter’s question irritated Hasan Ali, who interrupted him midway to say, “Next question please.”

“What’s the next question? Please first listen to the question before responding “the journalist replied.

“Next question, please,” a visibly irritated Hasan Ali insisted.

“First, listen to the question,” the journalist argued.

“Next question, Sir. I’m not going to respond to you “Hasan Ali spoke up.

The journalist told the organizers that this was “no way to behave.” Hasan Ali responded, saying, “First say nice things on Twitter, and then I will respond to your questions.” “Ok? You should avoid getting personal with anyone. Please ask the next question.”

The fast bowler wasn’t finished yet. “Because the PCB can’t stop you from asking questions,” he explained to the reporter.

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