NCOC Decided to Shift Winter Vacation at End of January

It has been decided in the NCOC meeting that winter vacation in educational institutions will be at the end of January and not in December.

“The decision was made in accordance with the recommendations made during the inter-provincial education ministers conference,” the source explained.

According to NCOC sources, the vaccination process will continue in educational institutions, but educational institutions will remain closed in areas with heavy snowfall.

A meeting of all education ministers was held yesterday to discuss whether winter vacations could be shifted from December to January due to a variety of issues.
Sindh’s government has already declared winter vacations from December 20, 2021, to January 3, 2022.

Meanwhile, at the inter-provincial education ministers’ meeting, all provinces and textbook boards were directed to include the cabinet-approved political map of the country in textbooks.

Educational institutions have already begun to teach the country’s new political map, which was introduced by the federal government a few years ago, essentially reiterating the federal government’s longstanding position on the Kashmir and Sir Creek issues.

Yesterday, Shafqat Mehmood, the Federal Minister of Education, announces that the “agreed proposal” calls for winter vacations to be announced from December 25 to January 4.

On Twitter, Mehmood stated: “Today, federal and provincial secretaries met. The agreed-upon proposal was for the winter holidays to be from December 25 to January 4.”

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