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How to Use WhatsApp Voice Message Preview

How to Use WhatsApp Voice Message Preview

Do you want to hear a preview of your WhatsApp voice messages before you send them? WhatsApp launched a preview voice message function this week, which allows users to listen to a preview of their audio recordings before sharing them with others.

Before delivering your voice messages in an individual thread or a group conversation, you can listen to them first. The upgrade prevents you from delivering a voice message that isn’t completely clear or requires a correction. You can also listen to your voice message before sending it to make sure it’s clear.

Voice message preview is now available for all WhatsApp users on Android and iOS, as well as on the Web and desktop.

We’ll walk you through the steps to preview your WhatsApp voice messages before sending them to your contacts in this article.

How to Preview Voice Messages on WhatsApp

Make sure you have the newest WhatsApp version on your device before starting the procedures to use the voice message preview feature.

  • Open a WhatsApp individual or group chat.
  • Slide up to lock hands-free recording after tapping and holding the microphone button next to the message textbox. You don’t need to slide up on the Web or desktop versions of WhatsApp because both offer hands-free recording after clicking the microphone.
  • Begin speaking your voice message now.
  • To end the recording, press the stop button.
  • To listen to your recorded message, press the play button. You can also navigate to a specific point in your recording by tapping the seek bar.
  • If your message is appropriate and ready to be shared, click the send button. Otherwise, tap the trash can to delete your voice message and then repeat the steps above to record another.


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