Booking Of Honda Civic 2022 Started In Pakistan?

For the past few days, the new Honda Civic 2022 has been causing a lot of buzz among petrol heads in Pakistan. The price of the same CBU unit surfaced after a test mule of this upcoming sedan was spotted on local roads. And now there’s more information about the car’s reservation.

According to reports, reservations for the Honda Atlas have begun in Pakistan. According to the sources, the vehicle’s booking fee is Rs12 lakh. “The new car will be provided in April/May 2022,” they added, “because it will be launched in Pakistan by then.”

According to similar sources, the customer will pay the price difference on the new Civic at the time of delivery. And this is a thrilling one because the Honda Civic is one of Pakistan’s most eagerly anticipated vehicles.

Is This News True?

We decided to ask Honda Atlas directly about these rumors and sourced reports. And, according to the official, the information is false. The official simply stated that this is not the case. And that’s all there is to it!

But there’s no need to be disappointed because the Honda Civic will arrive in the middle of 2022, most likely. However, the company has yet to begin bookings. As a result, you must all exercise caution and never give any booking money to any dealer. Wait for the Honda Atlas to be officially announced before booking your car.

The new Civic was released in the international market in April 2021, and it appears that we will have to wait nearly a year for it. And this has remained the Honda Atlas norm, with the company launching the latest generation of Civic almost a year after the global launch.

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