After 375 Years, Scientists Discover Eighth Continent

Abel Tasman, an experienced Dutch sailor with a penchant for strict justice, was fairly confident that a vast continent existed in the southern hemisphere and was determined to find it in 1642.

He thought he had discovered the great southern continent, but it was clearly not the commercial utopia he had dreamed of, and he never returned.

According to the BBC, Tasman was correct after all — there was an unfound continent.
In 2017, a group of geologists made headlines when they announced the discovery of Zealandia or Te Riu-a-Mui in Mori. According to the broadcaster, it is a vast continent measuring 1.89 million square miles (4.9 million square kilometers), roughly six times the size of Madagascar.

According to a BBC report, the world’s encyclopedias, maps, and search engines have been focused on the fact that there are only seven continents for some time, but the team confidently informed the world that this is incorrect.

“After all, there are eight of them, and the most recent addition is the world’s smallest, thinnest, and youngest. The catch is that 94 percent of it is underwater, with only a few islands protruding from its oceanic depths, such as New Zealand. It’d been hiding in plain sight the whole time “According to the BBC.

“This is an instance of how something very obvious can take a long time to reveal,” said Andy Tulloch, a geologist at the New Zealand Crown Research Institute GNS Science a member of the team who discovered Zealandia.

This is just the beginning, four years later, and the continent remains as mysterious as ever, guarded beneath 6,560 feet (2 kilometers) of water, according to the BBC.

Despite its thinness and submergence, geologists consider Zealandia to be a continent due to the types of rocks found there. Igneous rocks, such as basalt, make up the majority of the ocean floor. Geologists continue to be intrigued by the eighth continent, according to the report, and it’s still unclear how Zealandia managed to stay together despite its size.

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