HBL to Deploy POS Terminals at NADRA Centers Nationwide

HBL has been awarded the authorization for the deployment of Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals for the acceptance of credit and debit cards at NADRA Centers across the country by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

On the directives and recommendations of the Government of Pakistan (GoP) and the State Bank of Pakistan, these POS terminals are being installed at all NADRA Centers (SBP). NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik and HBL President and CEO Muhammad Aurangzeb signed an agreement in this regard. Senior officials from both organizations were also in attendance.

The NADRA chairman stated on the occasion that the installation of POS terminals would allow payment via debit and credit cards. Every day, a large number of people visit NADRA Centers across the country, and digitalizing payment systems would provide citizens with multiple payment options, providing them with an easy and reliable mode of payment while pivoting towards a Digital Pakistan, he said.

He also stated that POS Terminals improve accounting efficiency and accuracy. He stated that the Nadra Centers will now accept more currencies because many of the applicants are overseas Pakistanis with foreign bank accounts and payment cards.

HBL will deploy its POS terminals at all NADRA Centers across the country as part of this collaboration. This initiative is critical to improving Pakistan’s digital infrastructure, allowing HBL to play a role in assisting NADRA in digitalizing its identification systems in general. It will allow NADRA applicants to have multiple payment options.

“We are pleased to be awarded this mandate,” HBL president and CEO said of the occasion. HBL and NADRA have had a long-standing relationship for many years. HBL, as the primary bank of the Government of Pakistan, has implemented a number of strategic programs in collaboration with NADRA to provide convenience and ease to the public. This collaboration advances HBL’s strategic priority of promoting digitalization throughout the country.”

NADRA continues to be a key stakeholder for HBL because it offers both Verisys and biometric verification systems, enabling banks and other financial institutions to confirm their clients’ credentials when opening accounts and conducting transactions. HBL remains the primary account/collection bank for NADRA Registration Centers, with over 600 operational accounts opened across the bank’s various branches.

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