For the First Time, Saudi Arabia Celebrates New Year’s Eve in Riyadh City [Video]

For the second time in Saudi Arabia‘s history, fireworks lit up the sky above Riyadh on Friday, after COVID-19 halted celebrations last year.

“We counted from 10 to 2022 on the Boulevard Riyadh City screens.” “Together, we celebrated new beginnings in which we further live out our imagination,” read the caption of a Twitter video posted by the Riyadh Season account.

Many people come together to celebrate at Riyadh City Boulevard, a popular leisure destination with a variety of restaurants, shops, and gaming centers. Lamia Ahmed, a reveler, told Reuters she was “very happy” with the “fantastic celebrations,” which she said would normally be found only in foreign countries.

This was the first time the newly opened destination hosted New Year’s Eve festivities.

Boulevard Riyadh City zone, which opened on October 20 and is located in the north of the capital Riyadh, is one of the top tourist destinations for Riyadh Season 2021. Visitors will find a variety of entertainment options, including a dancing fountain, global toy centers, restaurants, cafes, and several theatres for plays and music performances.

Fourteen Arab singers take the stage

As part of the Riyadh Season celebrations, 14 top Arab celebrities took the stage to perform at one of the largest New Year’s Eve concerts. The event took place at the Mohammed Abdo Theater, which was named after the legendary Saudi Arabian singer.

Riyadh Trio Night

Those who performed at the “Riyadh Trio Night” event were Ahlam, Mohammed Abdo, Asala, Nawal al-Kuwaitiyah, Majid al-Mohandes, and others.

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