PUBG: New Map, Freebies, and more in 2022

PUBG fans should be excited, because the outlet is planning to release some major treats in 2022, including a new map, some anticipated updates, and free goodies for devoted PUBG players.

First and primarily, Krafton revealed in its New Year‘s message that New State will receive an entirely new map this year. To pique the interest of eager fans, the publisher also released a few glimpses of the new map ahead of its official release.

Krafton has rumored gamers with three images of the new map, which will be published officially sometime in the center of this year. The map will include hills and plains, as well as modern structures and a central city tower.

Aside from a new map, New State will receive its first batch of major updates in the first two months of 2022, as the company announced that “making updates and development” for users will be the primary concern this year.

Krafton expresses in its statement that they want to provide the best service and gaming experience possible for all users “regardless of location or device.”

“We will actually seek open and honest communication with all of our survivors, as well as listen to the community, in order to build better Battlegrounds together,” Krafton said.

As part of their new year’s celebration, Krafton is currently offering six chicken medals and three royale chest crate tickets to players, which can be obtained with the coupon code ‘HAPPYNEWSTATE’ until January 10.

The latest battle royale, PUBG New State, was released globally on November 11th of last year.

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