Kia Announces Massive Discount for Sorento SUV for a Limited Time

Kia Lucky Motors is going to celebrate the sale of 50,000 cars in less than two years by giving a limited-time discount on the Kia Sorento 7-seater SUV.

Kia has reduced the price of the Sorento 3.5L V6 FWD SUV by Rs. 740,000, bringing the price down from Rs. 8,203,000 to Rs. 7,499,000. The price of the Sorento 2.4L AWD has also been reduced by Rs. 313,000, from Rs. 7,812,000 to Rs. 7,499,000.

The company stated that it is thankful to all of its customers for their assistance in reaching this milestone and wishes to share its success with them through the new offer.

Kia’s decision to keep the prices of both variants close to each other is odd, considering that the AWD variant has a 2.4-liter engine and the FWD variant has a 3.5-liter V6. Regardless, the offer is a great opportunity for SUV enthusiasts to purchase them, despite the possibility that it is an underhanded trick by Kia to push off its least popular and slowest-selling vehicle under the tag of a ‘limited time offer.’

The company could have celebrated its success by offering discounts across the board, and lower prices for Picanto or Sportage could have brought more pleasure to buyers.

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