The Proposal to Rename Murree as Kohsar District is Approved

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar gave in-principle approval for the formation of a new district Kohsar.

According to details, it was suggested to rename Murree as Kohsar District. The proposal to rename Murree as Kohsar District was presented to the Punjab Chief Minister during his visit to Murree.

It said that the proposed district would be completely demarcated and all possible facilities would be provided due to its being a tourist destination while it was also suggested to extend the boundary of Kohsar district to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Sources said that the Punjab Chief Minister had given in-principle approval for the creation of a new district, Kohsar, with the aim of ensuring better administration and preventing a tragedy like Murree in the future.

According to sources, senior member board of revenue and commissioner Rawalpindi have been directed to demarcate the new district by merging Murree and Kotli Sakhis to form a new district of Kohsar.

The Punjab Chief Minister has also directed to include Kotli Sakhis and other tourist destinations in the new district.

It may be recalled that last Friday night, at least 22 tourists trapped in vehicles due to heavy snowfall were killed due to severe weather.

Later, the preliminary investigation report on the Murree tragedy revealed administrative shortcomings during the arrival of tourists at the beautiful hill station during the snowfall.

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