Official Prices Of Fortuner Legender & Revo Rocco in Pakistan

Now that we’ve learned about the upcoming facelifts of the Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Revo. This week, Toyota will begin accepting bookings for the Fortuner Legender and Revo Rocco. The next question is how much they will charge?

Toyota is selling the latest Fortuner Legender for Rs. 10,349,000 ex-factory, and the Revo Rocco for Rs. 8,279,000.

In addition to the new facelifts, the old Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Revo variants will be available for purchase.

Fortuner Variants’ Prices

  • The new 2.8L diesel Fortuner Legender will cost Rs. 10,349,000.
  • The current price of the Fortuner S 2.8L diesel variant is Rs. 9,919,000.
  • The 2.7L petrol variant of the Fortuner V costs Rs. 9,489,000.
  • The base 2.7L petrol variant Fortuner G costs Rs. 8,179,000.

Revo Variant Prices

The new 2.8L diesel Revo Rocco will cost Rs. 8,279,000.

The old 2.8L diesel variants Revo V, Revo G AT, and Revo G MT are currently priced at Rs. 7.849,000, Rs. 7,139,000, and Rs. 6,789,000, respectively. We’ve also gone over the official specifications and features of the Fortuner Legender and Revo Rocco.

According to our sources, Toyota has begun taking orders for new Fortuner and Revo variants for dealerships as of today. Official reservations will begin this week.

Both Toyota vehicles are popular in their respective segments and have a large fan base. The new facelifts are fantastic news for the country’s petrolheads. Let’s see how much of an effect they have on Toyota vehicle sales.

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