Punjab to Introduce Star-Based Rating System for Hotels and Restaurants

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has decided to implement a star-based rating system for eateries across the province, allowing citizens to make informed decisions about which cafes, hotels, and restaurants to dine at based on these reviews.

The development is consistent with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s and Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar’s vision of aligning the country’s food industry with international standards.

The PFA will, according to details, launch a web-based platform and mobile application where all cafes, hotels, and restaurants will be registered. The PFA will rate the restaurants based on their food quality, taste, and hygiene.

A pilot project will be launched in five major cities across the province, including Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, and Gujranwala. More than 250 restaurants will join the PFA, which will rate them based on three criteria.

The PFA launched a province-wide operation last week against high-end eateries that endanger the lives of unsuspecting citizens by using poor quality or adulterated food materials and serving unsanitary food.

PFA teams have raided over 120 cafes, hotels, and restaurants in the province so far. The PFA fined 33 restaurants and issued final warnings to 79 others for poor management while disposing of over 200 kgs of expired, inedible food.

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