Those Responsible for Murree Tragedy Deserve to be Hanged: IHC

Athar Minallah, Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court (IHC), has stated that those responsible for the Murree tragedy deserve to be hanged and that there is no need for an investigation into the case.

Athar Minallah, Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court, heard a petition seeking action in the Murree tragedy.

Hamad Abbasi, a Murree resident, appeared in court with his lawyer during the hearing of his petition. The lawyer requested the court to hold those responsible for the Murree tragedy responsible for their criminal negligence.

According to the lawyer, the family of the deceased ASI Naveed informed higher authorities about the situation, but despite receiving the information, the prime minister, interior minister, and police did not take any action.

The lawyer went on to explain why more than 100,000 tourists were permitted to visit Murree. The failure of all senior officials to respond to the incident proves their criminal negligence.

The court then summoned Tayyab Shah, Deputy Attorney General, to the rostrum. The Chief Justice inquired of the Deputy Attorney General what disaster management involves.

The NDMA officials appeared in court after being summoned by the IHC bench. The Chief Justice summoned them to the rostrum and chastised them for failing to protect the tourists’ lives.

The court was outraged by NDMA officials’ negligence and questioned them about who was to blame for the tragedy’s 22 deaths. Everyone should have been able to see NDMA’s performance.

During the hearing, Chief Justice Athar Minallah noted that the NDMA is such a large department that they have yet to hold a meeting. To avoid an incident like the Murree tragedy, a proper management plan must have been in place, according to the Chief Justice.

The hearing was later postponed until Friday.

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