HEC Scholarships For PhD Program in USA 2022-23

The Higher Education Commission has announced the most recent HEC Scholarships For Ph.D. Programs in the United States under the “US – Pakistan Knowledge Corridor” for Fall-2022 and Spring / Summer 2023.

The US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor, a project of Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission (HEC), invites applications for Ph.D. scholarships at designated US universities.

The scholarship is only available for Ph.D. programs and does not cover MS programs that lead to a Ph.D. Scholarship applications must be submitted online through the HEC scholarship portal by February 28, 2022. (https://scholarship.hec.gov.pk)

HEC Scholarship For PhD in USA 2022-23 Eligilbity Criteria

Basic Eligibility Criteria

  • AJK nationals from PakistanBachelor’s degree (BS/BSc/BE) with a minimum of four years (16 years formal education)
  • There can only be two 2 Divisions and no 3 Divisions in a student’s academic career. However, in the case of Category – Ill scholarships (admission in the top 50 and 300 QS), a maximum of one and a half Divisions in the entire academic career is required.

The maximum age on the closing date shall not be greater than:

  • Regular faculty members of Public Sector Universities/Government Colleges and Researchers of Approved/Registered R&D Organizations must be 40 years old.
  • In all other cases, 35 years
  • You must not be receiving any other scholarships.
  • Those already having a Ph.D. are not eligible.

Special Eligibility Criteria;

  • The scholarship is a category (Top 50 QS World Ranked US Universities)
  • Prospective applicants for this scholarship must have;

a. Accepted into a top 50 QS World Ranked US University
b. A valid GRE-General or HAT score (Minimum 60 percent Score)

Category Il-Scholarship (Top 300 QS World Ranked US Universities)

Prospective applicants for this scholarship must have the following qualifications:

a. Gained admission to a US university that is ranked among the top 300 in the world by QS World Rankings.
b. Valid GRE – General Score OR HAT Score (minimum 60%)

Category – All Scholarship (Without Tuition/Designated US Universities)

Prospective applicants for this category of the scholarship must have

a. Secured admission to a designated US university, as well as full tuition waiver for the duration of the scholarship.

How To Apply For USA Scholarship Through HEC 2022-23

  • Scholarship applications are being accepted by prospective applicants who meet both general and specific eligibility criteria.
  • Please send scanned copies of the application form, as well as any other required documents, to the email address listed below. Documents must be attested by a gazetted officer of Grade 17 or higher. You are not required to submit hard copies of this application or other documents at this time.
  • When hard copies are required, you may be asked to submit them later.
  • Individual copies will not be accepted; instead, a complete set of documents, along with the application, must be submitted once. shkosarhec.gov.pk marshad.hec.gov.pl
  • The most recent QS Ranking will be used. Top Universities (www.topuniversities.com) will be used as a resource for QS Ranking.
  • Please visit the HEC website (US – Pak Knowledge Corridor Page) https://www.hec.gov.pk/site/US-Pak Corridor/ for more information, such as eligibility criteria, financial coverage, and a list of US universities and their tentative deadlines for admission.

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