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Tips On How to Protect Your WhatsApp from Unauthorised Access

Tips On How to Protect Your WhatsApp from Unauthorised Access

In the midst of an increase in cybercrime and fraud, the popular messaging app WhatsApp is introducing a new security feature to secure and protect users’ accounts from unauthorized access.

WhatsApp users can increase the security of their accounts by enabling the two-step verification feature, according to WABetaInfo.

After entering the 6-digit registration code, a user will be required to enter an additional PIN code whenever they log into the application.

The feature also allows Meta-owned app users to enter their email addresses to help them to get back their WhatsApp account if they forget their PIN. Users can reset their PINs immediately by requesting a reset link.

There are, however, some other ways for someone to gain access to your WhatsApp account.
According to the WhatsApp news tracker, “criminals” can steal a phone number and assign it to a new SIM card using SIM swapping techniques if they obtain a user’s private information.

Though two-step verification prevents unauthorized access to WhatsApp, this is how users can prevent anyone from resetting their mail account password and the two-step verification PIN of their WhatsApp account.

  • When configuring two-step verification for their email address, never use their phone number.
  • To generate token authentication codes, they should use authentication applications.

ere are some of the most dependable authentication applications:

One of the most popular authentication apps is Google Authenticator. It needs automatic encrypted recovery backups, however, and it cannot be blocked with a passcode or biometric authentication.
1Password is not a simple authentication app, but it does provide more options for storing your certifications.
Because it includes encrypted backups, Authy is the best authentication app. Disabling multi-device is recommended, however, to prevent others from logging into the app with your phone number.


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