Murad Raas Wants Punjab’s Private Schools to add Dupattas, Caps to School Uniform

Punjab Education Minister Murad Ras has instructed private schools to require dupattas or scarves for female students and caps for male students as part of the school uniform.

The Punjab education minister stated at a press conference in Lahore that the Punjab Assembly has passed a bill mandating the teaching of the Holy Quran with translation for primary students as well as students in grades six through twelve.

He stated that for the first time in Pakistan, a bill to teach the Holy Quran with translation has been passed and will be implemented soon.

The minister stated that private school uniforms should be revised as a result of this.

The provincial education minister directed that male students be given caps and female students be given dupattas or scarves with their uniforms.

Furthermore, he stated that there are over 30,000 teacher vacancies in Punjab schools that will be filled soon.

According to Murad Raas, no decision to close educational institutions as a result of COVID-19 has been made as of yet. Educational institutions will also be open until other departments close.

There has been ‘no decision’ on the closure of Punjab schools.

Murad Raas stated on Monday that no decision on closing schools and other educational institutions in the province had been made.

Speaking at an event, the education minister stated that public gatherings were the main cause of coronavirus spread and that COVID-19 SOPs were being followed in schools.

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