Now You Have To Pay Fee For M-Tag

Motorway users beware: getting an M-Tag sticker for your vehicle is no longer free. According to an NHMP official, vehicle owners who want an M-Tag will have to pay Rs. 200 for registration.

The fee goes into effect on January 1st, 2022,” the official said, adding that the FWO controls the monetary system on highways and that the fee will be paid to the authority.

Further explaining, the official stated that the individual must have at least Rs. 500 for the newsticker. “Rs. 200 is for registration (as previously stated) and Rs. 300 is for balance,” the official explained.

The National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) made M-Tag mandatory for highway travel last month. “The sticker is now absolutely necessary on motorways,” the police said in a tweet. 

The authority went on to say that it was ready to carry out Lahore High Court (LHC) orders with the help of citizens. “As per LHC decision, only M-Tag travelers will be allowed on the highways beginning December 7th, 2021,” the police added.

How to Get an M-Tag?

The process of obtaining a car sticker is relatively simple. You simply need to go to the Toll Plaza booth on any highway and then to the M-Tag issuance booth.

You must, however, bring your CNIC, COVID vaccination certificate, and vehicle registration book. Police will not issue you an M-Tag if you do not have these documents.

The policy was implemented by the authorities in order to address the issue of traffic jams and blockades at highway toll plazas.

LHC has asked the authorities to make the M-Tag mandatory for travel in the future. This has made driving on highways more convenient because drivers no longer have to wait in long lines at toll booths.

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