Kia Lucky Motors Also Announces Big Price Hikes

Kia Lucky Motors (KLM) has joined Suzuki, Toyota, and Honda in raising prices in response to the recently imposed Federal Excise Duty (FED) on vehicles under the new mini-budget. The new prices for its vehicles went into effect on January 16th.

Kia has increased the prices of most of its models, with the exception of the slow-selling Sorento. The mini hatchback Kia Picanto automatic has the highest price increase of Rs. 142,000, taking its price from Rs. 2,150,000 to Rs. 2,292,000.

The Sportage all-wheel drive (AWD) has seen the biggest price increase of Rs. 138,000, rising from Rs. 5,650,000 to Rs. 5,788,000.

Here are all new increased prices of cars by Kia;

KIA lucky motors price hike

Kia has not raised the prices of its Sorento SUV because it is already part of a marketing strategy announced earlier this month to sell off the least popular and slowest-selling vehicle under a ‘limited time offer.’

The Picanto and Sportage were among the vehicles for which the company raised prices, so they are high in demand. The Stonic EX received the lowest price increase of Rs. 90,000 due to Kia’s customers’ preference for being relatively unappealing.

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