Ertugrul Star Ayberk Pekcan aka Artuk Bey Dies at 51

Ayberk Pekcan aka Artuk Bey, a well-known Turkish actor from Ertugrul, has died after a long battle with lung cancer. He was 51 years old.

Ayberk, who played Artuk Bey in the historical series Diris Ertugrul, had been battling cancer for months. On Monday, the actor’s family confirmed his death.

 Ayberk’s character is praised by millions of Ertugrul fans because of his excellent performance.

“Dear friends…,” the actor wrote in a lengthy note about his illness a few months ago. The process began with a visit to the doctor for back pain and has now reached this point. I’m suffering from lung cancer. The tumor has spread to the liver and adrenal glands as well. Unfortunately, there were no symptoms of this disease in its early stages. The first day of chemo… My family is my most important source of support. My friends are also nearby… I will do everything in my power to recover my health. Keep your well-wishes and prayers coming your way. “Be well…”

The actor’s friends were very supportive of him in his constant struggle, but he was unable to win the battle for his life against the fatal disease.

The news has shocked Turkey, and his co-stars have expressed their condolences. Mehmet Bozdag, director and producer of Diriliş Erturul, also paid tribute to the late actor.

Artuk Bey, along with the other cast members of the hit Turkish series, visited Pakistan a few months ago.

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