Sindh Excise Doubles Vehicle Registration Tax

The price increase in 2022 is still ongoing. Among other things, vehicle taxes in Sindh have been raised. The Sindh Excise and Taxation Department has doubled the vehicle registration tax under the Finance (Supplemental) Act, 2022, according to a notification.
Sindh’s new vehicle taxes are listed below.

Cars with engines up to 1000cc

The tax on cars with engines up to 1000cc has been raised to Rs. 100,000. Previously, vehicle owners in Sindh had to pay Rs. 50,000 to register their vehicles. This new tax will be levied on;

Cars with engines ranging from 1001cc to 2000cc

The registration tax on cars with engines ranging from 1001cc to 2000cc has been raised to Rs. 200,000, more than doubling the previous tax rate of Rs. 100,000. This new tax will be levied on all variations of;

Cars with engines of 2001cc and higher

Vehicle owners in Sindh will now have to pay Rs. 400,000 for the registration of vehicles larger than 2001cc, such as:

The public has already expressed its displeasure with the country’s rising car prices. Paying big bucks in registration fees is another bomb on the public to bear silently.

For the time being, the motor vehicle tax has only been raised in Sindh; other provincial Excise Departments will follow suit and raise car taxes.

What are your thoughts on Sindh’s new registration taxes? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. If you know anyone in Sindh who is looking to buy a new car, inform them that the taxes have been doubled.

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