WhatsApp for iOS Gets Ability to Pause Voice Message Recording

WhatsApp for iOS has been updated to allow you to pause and resume recording voice messages. This is a follow-up to the recently introduced voice message preview feature, which allows users to review voice message recordings before sending them to contacts.

The updated WhatsApp also includes support for iOS 15’s Focus mode. The new features are currently available to a limited number of iPhone users, but they will be made available to all eligible customers in the coming weeks.

The instant messaging app WhatsApp for iOS version 22.5.75 offers the facility to iPhone users to pause and resume recording voice messages. It actually replaces the existing stop button, which was introduced in December as part of the voice message preview feature, with vital pause and resume buttons.

Clicking up to lock your voice recording and then tapping the pause and resume buttons will allow you to test out the new WhatsApp voice message facility.

whatsapp ios iphone voice message recording pause resume buttons

The ability to pause voice message recordings was discovered for the first time in October of last year. But, it was not available to WhatsApp users still now.

It is also important to remember that the updated experience is currently limited to iPhone users, as WhatsApp for Android users are still unable to pause and resume their voice message recordings.

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