Google Assistant can now be shut up simply by saying “stop”

Google has been experimenting with quick phrases for quite some time, but only in October 2021 did it begin to roll out to some devices. The feature enables users to perform certain actions without first yelling hotwords such as “Hey Google.” A few examples include the ability to easily pick up calls by simply saying “answer” or to silence alarms by simply saying “stop.”

The scope of this “stop” command has now been expanded to include Google Assistant. If the voice assistant is talking too much, simply muttering “stop” will immediately shut it down — no hotword required. The feature will also function even if you do not have Continued Conversation turned on.

This feature is especially useful if you accidentally activate Assistant or if the response to your query is a little longer than necessary — as is frequently the case with those overly detailed weather readouts.

There is, however, a catch. For the time being, it appears that the Google Assistant “stop” command only works on smart displays and speakers. This will hopefully change soon if Google is wise enough to include the feature in smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

There’s also been no official confirmation that this function can be activated by yelling “stop” in any language other than English. However, given that the quick phrases feature is still in its early stages, this is understandable.

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