Door-to-door Covid-19 Vaccination to Kick-Start in Sindh from Feb 1

The provincial Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI), which is overseen by the Sindh health department and supported by the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), will launch a door-to-door Covid-19 vaccination campaign in Sindh from February 1 to 14.

The Covid-19 pandemic is still active, with new variants emerging, and the virus’s rapid spread in recent weeks necessitates rapid immunization activities to boost population immunity.

This campaign aims to provide the first dose of vaccine to 12,748,123 people over the age of 12, while another 5,712,014 will receive the second dose, for a total target of 18,460,137.

The EPI Sindh plans to deploy 10,988 skilled personnel and social mobilizers across the province to provide the first and second doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to the public, who will be supervised by 1,134 UCMOs.

There are 180,495 doses of Sputnik, 354,652 doses of Moderna, 2,201,759 doses of Pfizer, 676,641 doses of Sinopharm, 2,131,573 doses of Sinovac, and 474,875 doses of Atrazeneca available for this campaign.

This campaign is critical because Sindh has reported 51,000 cases of Covid-19 in the last 30 days. The vaccines will help citizens protect themselves against the virus and serious illnesses.

Currently, 37 percent of Sindh’s eligible population, or 13.907 million citizens, is fully vaccinated, with another 18.810 million receiving their first dose of Covid-19 vaccines.

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