Punjab Sets Standard Price for Private COVID-19 PCR Tests

The Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) has established a standard rate for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests for COVID-19 diagnosis in the province’s private hospitals and laboratories.

It has issued an official notification directing private hospitals and laboratories to charge Rs. 4,800 for PCR tests for COVID-19 diagnosis.

Any private hospital or laboratory found in violation of the order will face heavy fines, deregistration, facility closure, and imprisonment under the PHC Act 2010.

The most recent guideline is in the public interest and will go into effect immediately. It follows public anger that private hospitals and laboratories in the province charge up to Rs. 6,500 for a PCR test.

Meanwhile, Pakistan is still fighting the coronavirus’s fifth wave, and the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) has extended the ongoing restrictions from January 31 to February 15.

A total of 70,000 tests were performed, and 7,963 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed earlier today, making it the country’s second-highest single-day tally.

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