Home Business Govt Launches Kamyab Jawan “Job Fair”

Govt Launches Kamyab Jawan “Job Fair”

Govt Launches Kamyab Jawan “Job Fair”

The kamyab jawan “Job Fair” has started by the PTI government. According to the details, preparations are now underway to pass on the fruits of the improvement in the country’s economy to the youth.

Under JobFair, partnerships with private companies are providing instant employment to young people, who will be able to get instant appointment letters after walk-in interviews.

Usman Dar said that our economy is growing at a rate of 5.37%, now it’s time to provide the chance to a common man to avail economic stability.

According to Usman Dar, the government will work with the private sector to provide maximum job opportunities to the youth, and the job fair phase will be extended to the provincial and district levels.

The head of the kamyab jawan Program pays his special thanks to the organizations for raising the salaries of the employees and said that ARY has started it, for which CEO Salman Iqbal is grateful.


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