EasyPaisa launches Pakistan’s first-ever 3D anamorphic display on Islamabad Expressway

EasyPaisa has gone a step further in immersing its customers in its respective services by introducing the first-ever one-of-a-kind anamorphic display. Because of its integrated 3D elements, this display provides a sci-fi-like experience that instantly grabs your attention on the Islamabad Expressway.

The display employs 3D animations, depth, and perceptional illusion to create an immersive experience that distorts a viewer’s perception of reality, in which the content escapes the display’s boundaries and technically ‘pops out of the surface, creating the illusion of depth within the space.

Oztech has assisted Easypaisa in carrying out its vision of implementing new ways to interact with its customers in order to bridge the physical and digital worlds.

Given how advanced this technology is, its implementation is extremely rare and significant for third-world countries. EasyPaisa announced the launch of this display on Twitter, and the hashtag #AllEyesOneasypaisa has been trending:

The launch had such an impact that the news of the display quickly spread online as bloggers and influencers rushed to record and share it with their followers. Furthermore, an avid graphic design enthusiast, Umar Khan from Ukhano vlogs, had traveled all the way from Lahore to Islamabad to witness the display’s debut. Umar had even shared his experience with his fans, who were astounded to see such an unusual technological display.

Easypaisa has always been on a mission to revolutionize Pakistan’s financial landscape, and they are now at the forefront of revolutionizing branding touchpoints as well. Easypaisa has introduced a new marketing trend with the anamorphic display that will soon replace traditional banners and posters.

It should be noted that these high-end projection displays not only attract attention but also help to build brand loyalty. Brands should now take notes on how to break through the clutter of content all around us, as Easypaisa has done an excellent job of drawing attention to itself.

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