Price set for private COVID-19 tests in Islamabad

The Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority (IHRA) has established a standard rate for private laboratories and hospitals in Islamabad Capital Territory to conduct COVID-19 tests (ICT).

All private hospitals, laboratories, and collection centers have been directed to perform RT-PCR for COVID-19 tests at the rates listed below;

  • 5,000 rupees per test (using Roche/Abbot/Qiagen kits)
  • Each test costs Rs 3,500. (Using all Kits other than above mentioned three)

Furthermore, every laboratory conducting the RT-PCT has been directed to include the following information in its report:

  1. Machine used during the test (extractor and RT-PCT)
  2. Reagent/Kits with their certification, and
  3. Individual batch number.

It has been stated that all private hospitals, laboratories, and collection centers will be inspected for compliance by IHRA Inspection Teams in order to determine the status of compliance with the above guidelines.

If a private hospital, laboratory, or collection center is found to be non-compliant with the requirements, it will be penalized in accordance with the IHR Act 2018 and Rules regulations, including de-registration, sealing of the premises, fines, and/or imprisonment.

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