How to Change Phone Number Without Losing Chat History On Signal?

Signal has added a new feature that allows users to change their registered phone number without losing their chat history. When a user changes their phone number on Signal, all of their contacts will receive an in-chat notification informing them of the change. 

Because all Signal conversations are end-to-end encrypted, the instant messaging service associates the chats with a user’s phone number, indicating that the conversations are not stored and synchronized on the cloud.

According to a blog post, Signal has added a new feature to its Android and iOS apps that allow users to change their phone numbers without losing their chats, groups, or Signal profile.

According to the support page, the change-phone-number feature is not supported if users are unable to send or receive messages on Signal using their existing registered phone number, have misplaced or lost the device, or have wiped the phone clean.

How to Change Your Signal Phone Number

  1. The help page also explains how to change the registered phone number on Signal.
  2. Launch the Signal app.
  3. Profile (display image) > Settings (iOS only) > > Accounts > Change your phone number > Proceed.
  4. Enter the old phone number in the first field and the new phone number in the second.
  5. Choose either Continue or Done.
  6. Confirm the new phone number. If not, select Edit Number.
  7. Change Number is the option.
  8. To complete the registration of the new number, follow the on-screen guidance.

Signal also states that if another person registers an account using a user’s previous phone number, the old user’s chat history, groups, and profile will be lost.

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