Govt to Issue license to Q-Airways For Flight Operation

The government has approved the issuance of a Regular Public Transport (RPT) license to Q-Airways (Pvt.) Limited in order for it to launch a private airline in the country.

According to sources, the federal cabinet has authorized the grant of an RPT license (Passenger & Cargo) to Q-Airways (Pvt.) Limited for domestic operations.

Q-Airways (Pvt.) Limited is expected to begin operations in April or May 2022 with a fleet of three Airbus-320 aircraft from Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.

During a meeting of the federal cabinet on January 25, 2022, the Aviation Division informed the federal cabinet that Q-Airways (Pvt.) Limited intended to launch an RPT airline in the country and had requested a license.

According to sources, the cabinet, in addition to approving the RPT license for Q-Airways (Pvt.) Limited, directed the cabinet division that in the future, all transport and logistics-related issues requiring cabinet approval should be submitted through the Cabinet Committee on Transport and Logistics (CCoTL).

The CAA Director-General issues a Regular Public Transport (RPT) License with federal government approval for the carriage of passengers and cargo services. Furthermore, the License is only a permit to establish an RPT organization and does not entitle the licensee to operate an aircraft. This can only be done after an Air Operator Certificate has been issued (AOC).

Similarly, before establishing an airline, the company’s management must become fully acquainted with Civil Aviation Rules 1994, Air Navigation Orders (ANOs), Airworthiness Notices issued from time to time, and relevant international requirements.

Furthermore, the minimum fleet requirement for starting a flight operation is three passenger aircraft and one cargo aircraft.

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