News Anchor Iqrar ul Hassan Attacked-Details [Video]

News anchor Iqrar ul Hassan, who is well-known for his show Sare Aam, was attacked and beaten along with his team. The anchor was allegedly attacked by Director IB Syed Mohiuddin Rizwan and his team for using video evidence to expose an IB officer’s corruption.

News Anchor Iqrar ul Hassan Attacked-Details

The anchor was rushed to Karachi’s Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, where he was given first aid and is now out of danger, according to doctors. Iqrar appeared in a video shared by fellow anchor Waseem Badami in which he explained that one of his shoulders had dislocated, he had a rib fracture, and he had an abnormal ECG report as a result of receiving electric shocks.

News Anchor Iqrar ul Hassan Attacked-Details

Despite being severely injured, Iqrar was seen sitting and interacting with his friends who had come out to support him.

Sarim Burney, a philanthropist, also paid a visit to Iqrar ul Hassan and spoke with him, sharing details of the torture he and his team endured

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