All You Need to Know About Honda Civic 2022 Smart Card Key

The Honda Civic 2022 is expected to arrive in Pakistan within the next few weeks, according to various sources. Some say it will be released on February 24th, while others say it will be released sometime in the first two weeks of March 2022. So the wait continues, and fingers are crossed.

Meanwhile, Honda Atlas has added another feature to its upcoming sedan as part of its teaser series. And it’s Smart Card Key this time. Many of you have now questioned this option and how it works. So, here’s a quick rundown of how this card works, what its advantages and disadvantages are.

It’s also known as the Digital Key, and it’s currently available in Thailand and Indonesia. This Smart Key is similar to a Key Fob/Keyless Entry. This means that if you have this card in your pocket, you can enter the car by simply opening the door and starting it by pressing the Push/Start button. In short, no key is needed for these functions.

It performs the same functions as the Key Fob, but it is in the shape of a card and is the same size as your CNIC card. Furthermore, it has a thickness of 3-4 millimeters, which is the same as the thickness of two credit cards.

The biggest advantage of this card is that, unlike Key Fob, it can be stored in your wallet. 

The card’s disadvantage is that it comes with limited functionality. With your Key Fob, you can lock/unlock your car from a specific distance, start it in some cases, and control the car windows, whereas using the smart card you must close to the car to make it functional.

This card is only used for entering and starting the vehicle. You must have a key fob in addition to this card.

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