Yamaha Launches New Sportier 125Z-DX Bike in Pakistan

Following the announcement of the most recent price increases, Yamaha Pakistan has just launched the YB125Z-DX in three new color and sticker variations.

The announcement was made on Facebook a day ago, and Yamaha Pakistan has also updated its official website to highlight the latest aesthetics and ‘advanced technology’ employed, as well as to detail what the YB125Z-DX has to offer for Rs. 216,500.

The motorcycle is available in metallic black, metallic blue, and a vibrant cocktail red that Yamaha describes as ‘dynamic.’ It’s worth noting that it’s also highlighted another advanced feature — a 35W headlight.

“Brighten up the road forwards, no matter what time of day with the halogen headlight contour on the YB125Z-DX!” said the advertisement.


The motorcycle is powered by a 5-speed 125cc air-cooled, SOHC, 2-valve engine with a 10:1 compression ratio. It also has an electric start button and a kick starter in case the battery dies.

Despite its high price, the bright halogen headlight, new stickering, and ‘dynamic’ colors may entice customers, as many car owners in Pakistan are considering switching to motorcycles due to rising petrol prices, which are currently around Rs. 160 per liter.

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