How to get B-form or Child Registration Certificate from NADRA

Obtaining a birth certificate is a critical step in providing a child with a legal identity. In Pakistan, a birth certificate is known as a Child Registration Certificate (CRC) or B-form. This form is used to register minors under the age of 18. Without a CRC for legal identification, it can be difficult for an individual to obtain a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) once he or she reaches the age of 18.

A CNIC not only allows an individual to prove Pakistani citizenship, but it also grants access to social benefits, healthcare, school enrollment, voter registration, banking services, mobile phone SIM registration, obtaining a passport to travel abroad, and other benefits.

In Pakistan, CRC can be obtained by presenting NADRA with documented proof of childbirth from the union council. To register their child, parents must have a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).

If the parents are not in the country or are dead, the first blood relative can apply for birth registration with a certified copy of a Guardian Certificate issued by the court and a death certificate (if parents are deceased).

Union Council Proof of Childbirth or Alternative Documents

Parents must submit the following documents to the Union Council in order to register their child:

  • a copy of the parents’ CNIC
  • The certificate is issued by the hospital or a traditional birth attendant.
  • The Union Council-supplied form was duly completed, along with a signature and thumb impression.

Union Council does not charge a fee for proof of childbirth. The document’s delivery date is as follows:

  • In the case of standard registration, it takes three working days.
  • In the event of late registration (child aged 61 days to 7 years), the registration period is extended by 7 working days.
  • Registration after the age of seven years takes 20 working days.

Documents Required for CRC

  • The presence of any of the parents or guardians with a CNIC is required. Biometric authentication will also be carried out.
  • Certificate of Childbirth from Union Councilor School (children aged 10 or more)


A gazzeted officer attests to the CRC form.

Note: Please keep in mind that the Guardian is only authorized to process through the guardianship certificate.

A detailed list of required documents to obtain a Birth Certificate is also available on NADRA’s website in English and Urdu.

CRC Application Procedures:

You can apply for a Child Registration Certificate (CRC) by visiting a NADRA Registration Center (NRC) near you and following the steps outlined below. You can find your nearest NRC by visiting this website.

  • A token will be given to the Parent/Guardian. Wait until your token and counter number is announced before taking your turn.
  • The Parent/photograph Guardian will be taken, followed by fingerprints and signatures.
  • The form will be printed for the Parent/Guardian to review.
  • The Parent/Guardian will be given a printed version of the application form, which must be attested by a gazetted officer before it can be submitted.

Note: If the Parent/Guardian is present at the registration center with his/her father or mother, they can skip the form attestation by providing biometric verification. The person providing biometric verification must also be in possession of a valid CNIC.

The cost of obtaining a CRC is PKR 100. After submitting the required documents, a Child Registration Certificate can be obtained in up to 5 working days.

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