Here’s How You Can Contact Pakistan Embassy in Ukraine During War With Russia

Russian forces have attacked Ukraine by land, air, and sea in what has turned out to be Europe’s largest attack on another country since World War II.

The development comes a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the nation, announcing his approval for a “special military operation” against Ukraine.

As Russia’s forces continue to bomb various cities, millions of Ukrainians and thousands of foreigners, including students and workers, are now at the mercy of the country.

Embassies from various countries have issued special instructions to ensure the safety of their citizens in Ukraine, and Pakistan is also playing its role.

The Pakistani Embassy in Ukraine announced on Twitter that Ukrainian airspace has been closed and that it is in contact with stranded citizens who have been told to travel to Ternopil, a city in western Ukraine.

Depending on the situation, the Embassy will make plans for their safe evacuation from the country under a Russian attack. In the meantime, they can reach out to the following numbers and email addresses for assistance at any time.


Number: +380638282984

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