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Here is How to Use WhatsApp With a Landline Phone

Here is How to Use WhatsApp With a Landline Phone

WhatsApp is aimed for use on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other modern devices, but it can also be used over a landline connection. It’s easy to set up and allows you to have a second WhatsApp connection even if you don’t have two SIM cards.

However, instead of using the standard version of WhatsApp, you will need to use WhatsApp Business. It’ll work alongside your regular WhatsApp app, so you can have both on your phone.

How to Get Started

Simply go to the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or the company’s website to get the business version.

Once it’s downloaded, complete all of the installation steps, making sure to use a phone number other than the one on your SIM card. Instead, add your home connection’s landline phone number. By default, an SMS will be sent to your landline number.

Because a landline connection cannot receive an SMS verification code, simply wait 60 seconds after WhatsApp sends the SMS.

After a minute, you’ll be given the option of receiving your verification code over the phone. After selecting the call option, stay close to your landline phone.

A text-to-speech bot will narrate the verification code to you once you pick up the phone.

You’re done once you’ve added this verification code to your WhatsApp Business account. You can now have two separate accounts on one phone and without installing another sim.


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